Why Surtees?


Having our own Surtees-dedicated paint facility helps us streamline our processes and maintain quality control over this vital part of the boat-building process.

At Surtees we’ve been building boats for a long time and we know what paint systems look great, are hard wearing and offer maximum protection. Your Surtees can be painted any colour you choose. Just let your dealer know and we’ll make it happen. If you don’t have a colour in mind and are not sure where to start, see below for our range of most popular Surtees colours.

Atlantic Silver, Baltic Gunmetal Grey and Caribbean Blue metallic colours utilise a 7 coat system offering ultimate protection for your Surtees hull. The paint systems we use are the best available on the market today.


Nyalic was developed by NASA for use in spacecraft, specifically to protect critical components from harsh environments and withstand extreme temperatures and UV rays.

Which is not unlike what a boat has to endure at sea! That’s why Surtees recommends Nyalic for all its boats. In preparation, the boat is given an acid wash to clean and prepare the alloy for good topcoat adhesion. (As Nyalic is a protective clear coat what you see underneath is acid washed alloy).

The crystal clear polymeric resin coating provides years of protection against the elements and is used on commercial vessels, super yachts and executive jets - so you’re in good company!

Nyalic is also easy to maintain and can be rejuvenated with a further coat that melts into the original to give a uniform single coating. We highly recommend protecting your Surtees with Nyalic. It provides easy to clean surfaces, lasts for years and can be easily maintained by you, the boat owner.

Nyalic is sensitive to solvent based products, like fuel. For care instructions and further information visit www.nyalic.co.nz.

WHY Nyalic?

  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Impermeable
  • Blocks moisture and air from reaching the surface
  • Will not crack or peel
  • Impact resistant
  • Will not chip