The experts say
Our boats are built to fish

With miles of pristine coastline, rivers and lakes it’s no
wonder fishing is one of New Zealand’s most popular
recreational pastimes.

In a country full of folk who love to fish, it’s not surprising that
the benchmark and expectations of a fishing boat are set pretty high.

So, with the tough New Zealand fishing critic in mind, where better
to design and build a boat than right here at home in New Zealand
by a team of passionate fishermen and engineers.

Surtees boats are proven to be incredibly popular and are recognised
by fishermen all over the world for high quality, stability, safety, and
practical features. Surtees, built to fish.

“Beyond Expectation – That’s how I would describe the performance of the complete rig.”

Michael Rendle (Fishing Coast to Coast)

“Owned a Surtees 5.8 metre Workmate for couple months now and found it to be a very functional and well made boat to fish out of and loves the rougher conditions of Moreton Bay. Now we can head out in it and feel much more comfortable in the boat that can handle conditions that get thrown at it. See that you're celebrating 20 years of boat building - Surtees boat owners are now reaping the rewards with being proud owners of these great trailer boats.”

Mitchell Bierge

“I've recently upgraded to a 5.5 Workmate – what a beast! I can't believe how many cool features you guys have put into the boat, ours is specced with the fold down seats so we've got tonnes of fishing space. Now I just have to convince my better half to let me get away for some overnighters! Awesome work guys.”

Sam Allan

“Solid is the only word to describe the construction of these craft – was I impressed? In a word YES!”

Dave Moran (Dive New Zealand)

“Just thought I would send you a note to say thanks to you and the team at Surtees for a great riding boat and can you pass on a big thank you to the team member that did the welding on our boat we put it to the test today. We had to come up the Wellington harbour in 35+ knots of wind today and it handled it without a worry. So once again a big 'Thank you' to the team up there and we will see you all next year in the owner competition.”

Ian Demanser

“Picked up my new 5.5 Hardtop Friday avo and took it out for its first run Sat. morning, blown away by how well it handled the chop and swell,as good as any glass boat the same size I've ever been in. The quality and attention to detail is unmatched by anything i looked at including the Barcrusher copies. Thanks guys for giving me the boat of my dreams.”

Bruno Khelloul

“After using my Workmate for fishing for the past 6 years, I recently passed my open water dive ticket and have been using it to dive off. What can I say, it is awesome to dive off, so glad I got the walk through transom.”

“Amazing service, amazing boats.”

Ian Richardson

“Excellent boats, can handle rougher seas than I can! Instills fantastic confidence that she will always get you home from the bay or the shelf...5.5 Workmate.”

Scott Norris

“Have owned a 5.5 Workmate since 08, brilliant boat, thank you.”

Andrew Crawford

“What a well made boat. I have a 4.85 Workmate with a 70 four stroke Yamaha. This little boat pushes way above its weight. With a range of 130km on just 52L...its very capable, stable and dry to handle in all conditions I'd be comfortable going out in off QLD. Definitely recommend this boat. The quality of workmanship in the boat is second to none. I love this boat, and will probably have it for the rest of my fishing life. It's perfect. Credit to all at the Surtees factory.”

Adam L Jarvis

“Coolest fishing boats in the world!”

Mikael Lundkvist

“I couldn't have bought a better boat, it's a dream come true for me and everyone who jumps onboard comments on it. If I get another boat it will be a bigger version. Thanks heaps!”

Nick Patrick

“Number one boat :)”

Stef Big-game Fishing

“While the boats are awesome, the team there at Surtees are even more awesome! They went above and beyond to sort out a minor issue and I cant speak highly enough of them. Thanks heaps again :) Mark (Obsession)”

Mark Pandelidis

“Performance is exceptional, as a previous owner of an Aussie Barcrusher I was in the process of up grading when I ran into Phil at the Sydney 2013 boat show. I had a real dilemma, to stay with a brand I knew and trusted or change to the Surtees. The game changer was Surtees honest down to earth approach and their ability to package me a boat that included all the options I wanted at a price that was realistic. The experience was professional as is the performance of their boat and to date the 6.1 HT has out performed its predecessor. I'm an avid fisherman and diver with 31 years on the water throughout New Zealand and Australia and would recommend the Surtees to anyone.”

Michael Pawson

“We are extremely happy with our new 4.85 Surtees Workmate, it has exceeded all our expectations and provides us with such a level of comfort when we are fishing.  We have taken it out in some rough waters at Port Welshpool and I can honestly say that I was not scared at any point. This is unusual for me as I am known for being a panic freak. The boat handled the rough so sweetly and there were so many hand holds that I was comfortable the whole time. I can not praise our boat highly enough.”

Sally & David Baldassa

“I love our 6.7 Gamefisher!!!”

Jane Davidson

From wide raging offshore expeditions to inshore family cruises my Surtees 750 Game Fisher has proven itself to be the ultimate combination of reliability, comfort and style. When I’m heading through West Coast bars I need to be able to trust my boat, my safety and the safety of my crew depends on it. My 750 Game Fisher has never let me down, the deep V design of the Surtees hull makes for industry leading comfort whilst under power, and the patented flooding ballast system assures comfort for everyone onboard whilst at rest. The attention to detail that the Surtees design team pays to its builds means that no space is wasted and the 750 truly is ‘Built to Fish’, whilst still maintaining features that lend themselves to overnighting and more family orientated boating adventures. I love my 750 Game Fisher!

Ben Brown (Built to Fish TV)

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My 575 Pro Fisher Centre Console is the ultimate inshore fishing machine. It is light enough to be able to beach launch but its 100 litre underfloor tank means that even those far off fishing destinations are not out of range. The centre console design maximises the amount of fishing room on the deck and the unobstructed casting space makes my 575 the lure Fishermans dream boat. The spray deflectors on the hull ensure a dry ride and the team at Surtees have squeezed in an amazing amount of storage for a centre console design. The 575 Centre Console is so much fun to drive and even more fun to fish out of!  

Ben Brown (Built to Fish TV)

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Our Surtees 750 Game Fisher is the ultimate fish catching weapon and is perfectly setup for all forms of fishing here in NZ. Having the comfort and confidence to venture further and wider has meant we have been able to get onto some of our most impressive catches to date and this is undoubtedly the perfect trailer boat

Scott Parry (Fishing & Adventure)

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As soon as the Surtees 650 Game Fisher was released I knew I just had to have one, it suited our style of boating and fishing to a tee and ticked all the boxes we wanted as a fishing team and a family weekender. We needed a boat over 6 m with a hard top that could be towed legally and safely by a 2WD car (as I could not afford a new car AND new boat) but also had a generous deck space, plenty of storage and a hard top to keep us protected from the fickle Southern Tasmania weather. We fish competition Game fishing often taking us out the continental shelf and beyond and in weather that can at times be quite unpredictable and can change in a heartbeat, The Surtees 650 is perfect for this as we have had quite a few trips where we have had to “batten down the hatches” and sneak home at a medium pace to make weigh ins and she has never let us down. In my early days I grew up on the parents boat and most school holidays were spent on the water, and I wanted to pass on this “lifestyle” to my son and the Surtees is a perfect fit for weekends away with kids (most of my mates have children now too) we have done some awesome trips, rafted up with other boats and enjoying “boating” to the point we once slept 4 grown (generous) men and 2 children one night yes there was not much room left but it can be done. Over all the Surtees 650 Game Fisher is THE PERFECT all-rounder for fishing, boating and camping, get into your closest dealer and check them out.

Adrian "Mozza" Morrisby

I love my new 495 Workmate, after having launches for the last 20 years i decided to go back to a fishing boat . The 495 fulfilled all my expectations, easy to handle on my own, big enough to go out with a few mates or the family and with the Yamaha 60 4 stroke very economic to drive and easy to tow ! A great package overall!! Thank you Surtees!

Sharron Button

We are on our second Surtees, this one is a 6.7 Game Fisher with full Garmin tech and game rigged.

We started off with a 5.5HT almost 10 years ago, and that was an amazing boat, it punched way above it’s weight for fishability, comfort and all-weather performance, but the Game Fisher is a whole different level of brilliant.

We regularly stay away for several nights at a time and with a fold out bunk for the little ones (our own invention) we are comfortable and cozy whatever is going on outside.

Everything from game fishing to trout hauling weekends on the lakes, this machine does it all in comfort and great style. Some of the best meals we have eaten have come off the cooker on board, and there is always a cold one in the ‘fridge for when the anchor is dropped at the end of the day. We love the Garmin autopilot as well and with the radar coupled in we are safe in almost any weather.

This is a truly brilliant machine. Small and light enough to tow with the land cruiser, easy to launch by myself whilst my partner looks after the kids, but big, roomy and stable enough to take safely well offshore.

Congratulations on making pretty much the ultimate Kiwi Fishing Weapon!

Geoff Spencer

"I have had my 575 HT workmate for a couple years now and really loved it.

 Living and fishing on the South and West coasts of Wellington we can get some good weather that chops up fairly quick on days. I have found when caught less the desirable weather the Surtees travels really well and cuts through to get you and the crew home safely and without feeling to beat up.

Launching and retrieve the 575 is easy by myself at the local marina.

The set up in the boat is also really good. All you need on board for fishing but also on the days the kids are on board they love the set up upfront and muck around out of the sun or wind.

Love the Surtees"

Tony Flowers

"After an lengthy search for the right boat I was drawn to the Surtees Pro fisher for several reasons, with its functional layout and bulletproof build quality setting it apart from the others. This coupled with the ability to customise to suit my needs made it an easy decision. The level of service and support I received from the Surtees team was first class making the build process an enjoyable one. I literally can't wipe the smile off my face whenever I step foot in it!"

Mark Edwardson

"The 495 is a great little boat which handles the chop well and is well suited to two or three people fishing. 

If I am on my own the boat can easily be handled when launching/retrieving."

John Kershaw

I can’t rate Surtees enough. The boat is the perfect all-rounder and if we ever upgrade, it’ll be a new Surtees without doubt. You lot know how to build a boat!

Leif Warren (6.1 Game Fisher)

"I have a 495 workmate and its just easy. Fits in the garage, easy to launch and retrieve, tows like its not there, just great for no hassle fishing"

Jeff Taylor

"I have a 495 workmate and its just easy. Fits in the garage, easy to launch and retrieve, tows like its not there, just great for no hassle fishing"

Jeff Taylor