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The new 575 Workmate PRO

The Surtees hull is renowned for its incredible smooth ride, the deep V and the genius Water ballast idea from Neil Surtees, which makes the hull not just stable, but also has the option to lock in the water so when you get into the chop it will give the hull more weight for an even smoother ride in the rough. The formula is perfect, so why change it?

The Surtees Team decided to give the Workmate Cabin a new look though – we made it more modern, and we added more protection against the weather. You can take a Surtees out in rough weather, so we might as well offer you more comfort to do so.

WMHT V2 rushes 001 v3

With a 420mm extension the cabin increased by 820l in volume allowing the crew not just a smooth, but also an even drier ride. The new Workmate cabin also comes with added internal grab rails for additional security for the passenger. For taller fisherman, there is still the option to increase the roof height by 100mm. 

The newly designed dash area allows for sounders up to 12inch, has USB and USBC charging ports, drink bottle storage for the driver as well as brand new laser etched, blue LED backlit rocker switches to make the operation of your options and extras not just easier, but also even cooler looking! We also added a storage pocket for your phone, sunglasses or car keys. 

Moving further forward in the cabin, the already large hatch has had an upgrade and is now even bigger to allow for easy access to trolling motors up the bow. This is especially helpful for people with the manual option. 

575 SPEC 6

The roof rail now reaches all the way around the roof, perfect to tie off unused gear such as dive bags or camping equipment. The ample rocket launcher still allows storage for 7 rods and the anchor light sits in the middle.

The optional shade extension will come with the new design as well to offer 600mm of more weather protection on either those hot summer days or when it starts to drizzle. 

A very well thought through design to meet customer feedback and the current market. 

“It’s always exciting to come up with updates and modify your boats over time! Meeting the market requirements and most importantly listening to your customers is key. If they are happy, you will have brand ambassadors for life. We are proud of the relationship we’ve got with our Surtees Tribe and the feedback they have continued to provide us over the years, so we are sure that the improvements and updates we do on the brand are what our customers and keen fishos need for a great day on the water”