Warranty Terms & Conditions

Surtees Boats are individually hand crafted by professionals. Each person takes care to build boats to the highest possible standard but on occasion there may be the need for a warranty claim. Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd warrants to the original purchaser, under normal conditions and use, each new boat to be free from faulty workmanship and materials for the following warranty periods:

- ‘Bare Hull’ (meaning bare hull only with no parts or fittings) for a period of Ten (10) years for recreational use and One (1) years for commercial use from date of purchase.
- All other parts and fittings for a period of Two (2) years from date of purchase or as per the parts suppliers warranty.
- All paint/nyalic work for a period of One (1) year from date of purchase.
- Excludes glass breakage.

During the above warranty periods any authorised repairs, (authorised in writing by Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd), will be completed free of charge at the Surtees factory or by an authorised Surtees repairer. Delivery costs to and from the Surtees factory or authorised repairer is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Repairs must have a Warranty Authorisation Number from Surtees 2005 Ltd prior to commencement of the work.

Exceptions to this warranty – This warranty shall become void if:

1. Any boat that has been altered or repaired in any way. This voidance of warranty includes the fitting and gluing of carpets and linings, without previous Written authorisation of Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd.
2. Damage resulting from motors and accessories being installed or fitted incorrectly.
3. Any boat that is not loaded or powered within the recommendations listed on this website.
4. Any boat that has been subject to an accident, misuse or negligent use.
5. Damage to the boat is the result of improper support or incorrect adjustment of a road trailer other than a ‘Surtees brand trailer’.
6. Any boat used for racing or operated outside of normal recreational use. If the boat is used commercially a One (1) year warranty applies.

Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd accepts no responsibility for the following, which are excluded from this warranty:

1. Maintenance or expected wear and tear through normal use.
2. Damage to upholstery by tears, rips, solvents or punctures.
3. Damage to paint or coatings by solvents or petroleum based products.

Under this warranty the obligation of Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd shall be limited to replacement or repair of any part which Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd judge to be defective.

Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd will not be liable for any other special or consequential damages or costs of any kind or nature.

Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd reserves the right to change specifications and designs of any boat without assuming any obligation to modify any previously manufactured boats.

Nothing in the warranty limits or restricts a statutory right or remedy available to you under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

For the warranty to be valid the boat’s warranty registration card must be completed and returned to Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd within 14 days of the purchase date.

Trailer – The trailer and its’ associated parts are not covered by this warranty or Surtees Boats 2005 Ltd. (See individual warranty supplied with trailer)

Care and Maintenance

To enhance the life of your vessel a necessary maintenance practice follows;

The vessel must be rinsed both internally and externally, including side pockets and under the fuel tank (tote tank), after use with fresh water to remove salts, thus removing salt encrustation due to evaporation of seawater. If necessary, a non-etch cleaner and non-abrasive brush can be used to remove adherent surface grime and salt encrustation.

It is recommended that you use a non-solvent based cleaner for washing your boat.